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Drive revenue through enhanced user adoption

RADiance empowers your team to make informed decisions on easy-to-read dashboards to drive the correct actions. 

  • Login frequency reporting
  • Login percentage tracking
  • User adoption charts
  • Coming soon: Retention Probability Score
Logins During Reporting Period (4)


Logins By Reporting Period

Easily identify who is utilizing the capabilities of SAP Commissions with just a quick glance.


Percent of User Logins

Track the changes in adoption rates based on job titles over a period of time.


Days Since Last Login

Check how frequently your payees are logging in, and who is not viewing their statements

Logins By Month

Verify that payees are using SAP consistently throughout the plan year.  



User Adoption

Visual correlation between adoption and performance. Maximize your investment in the platform.


Retention Probability Score

Utilize RADiance data to calculate attrition risk levels to individuals in your sales team.


RADiance by Canidium: A solution for everybody.

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